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Creceras is the best leadership investment for diversity-friendly employers

Investing in Latin and Hispanic executive leadership is more than inclusive diversity--you're ensuring that your next generation of leaders have a peer network to share experiences, grow and provide value

Active peer network from other major fortune 500 companies
Guidance to gaining access to coveted board of director seats
Mentorship and leadership coaching
Week to week programming and exclusive information
Exclusive executive speakers and workshops
World-class employee retention and avoidance of turnover
Recruitment of high performing Latino leaders

How we work with you

1. Get Started

Discuss your leadership investment goals with an initial consultation with a Creceras success expert.

3.  Track Impact

We dedicate a leadership community manager to your business to ensure that your leaders are gaining value quickly from Creceras

2. Onboard

Activate your company portal and eligible employees with a Creceras onboarding specialist

3.  Track Impact

We dedicate a leadership community manager to your business to ensure that your leaders are gaining value quickly from Creceras

4. Grow

With a focus on personal and professional growth, we encourage you to bring your ideas, goals, and aspirations to the table and develop skills-based insights with fellow members over the course of a 1-year leadership enhancement experience

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Hear from our partners

Paula Bejarano
Director Navistar
“Membership in Creceras has been amazing because it allows our Hispanic and Latino colleagues to improve their work with fresh perspectives, new industry knowledge and rejuvenated energy. Such a world-class talent development platform is a no-brainer for leading companies from the ROI perspective.”
Leonardo Shapiro
Launch Executive Officer Tribal
“The leadership programming at Creceras has been phenomenal for my team and I. With so many opportunities for personal and professional development, and networking opportunities with industry experts, it’s a no brainer for any company that wants to reward high value employees with an incredible benefit.”
Nacho De Marco
CEO BairesDev
“Creceras has been a valuable community for me as a business owner. The platform connects me with top collaborators and an empowering marketplace of ideas and company initiatives.”
Gabriel Manjarrez
CEO Maxi Transfers
“I’ve been inspired by the keynote speakers I’ve interacted with through Creceras. There is always innovative content available. This allows me the chance to refine my leadership thinking...”
Leandro Passera
Program Manager Meta
“Access to the Creceras lounges has been lifesaver for me. Since I’m on the road a lot, I enjoy the chance to catch up on work and network in a setting with other like-minded individuals with similar backgrounds.”

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